CBSE Board & State and Central Government is considering to introduce different skills & vocational courses in school education. Since last nine and a half years we have introduced skills & vocational training as a part of curriculum and have setup vocational training centre in our school premises and have dedicated major part of one of the wings of the school building known as “purushartha” where in all our school children are taught different skills & vocations which includes…

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical wiring
  • Photo Lamination
  • Art and Craft
  • Glass painting, M-seal Art.
  • Madhubani and Varli painting.
  • Clay art & pottery.
  • Hand-printing, Marble printing, Bandhani Printing.
  • Best out of Waste.
  • Knitting and embroidery.
  • Garment Designing & Making.
  • Mobile Repairing.
  • Tally Accounting.
  • Photo-shop & Photography Editing.
  • CorelDRAW Graphic Designing.
  • Wilcom Computerized Embroidery Designing.

We believe that the above skill infusion helps in the development of the creative brain of young buds which is completely lacking in our contemporary education system. This also follows the ideology of “Nayi Talim” as conceived by The Father of Our Nation.

1) Carpentry

2) Our Students' Creativity in Carpentry & Furniture Making.

3) Students Learning Household Electrical wiring.

4) Gallery of Students' Work in Photo–Lamination.

5) Students' Expression of Creativity in Art and Craft.

6) Students' Creativity on Glass.

7) Students' Creativity in Quelling, Gem & Jewellery.

8) Students' Expression of Creativity with Clay & Pottery.

9) Best out of Waste.

10) Students' Expression on Marble Printing. Students’ Expression on Madhubani, Varli & Godana Painting.

11) Knitting and Embroidery.

12) Students Learning & Expressing Skill in Garment Designing & Making.

13) Mobile Repairing.

14) Students Conceptualizing Accounting on Tally.

15) Students Learning & Experimenting Skills of Photography & Photoediting.

16) Initializing Graphic Designing with CorelDRAW .

17) First Steps in the wonderland of Computerized Embroidery Designing.